Top 10 Currency Traders 2019

Top 10 currency traders 2019 Forex market is expected to be worth around $64 Billion by end of 2019. That is a lot of money but its not that impressive. Remember, its the combination of profit and loss that makes the difference. As I stated before, it is the profit from trading.

So there you have it, Top 10 most profitable currencies traded on the Forex. Did I mention profitable? Its also the combination of profit and loss that make the difference in a profit. So you would think that after analyzing the figures you will see that there is some kind of relation between profitability and capital.

Not so! The main reason that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is the same reason that there are lots of transaction costs involved in trading. Look at the table of contents.

Trading Forex Market

You will see that there is one transaction fee for every purchase and one fee for every sell. This means that buying and selling are transaction ‘expensive’ for the rich, but not so for the poor. They pay a transaction fee just for the privilege of trading. A transaction fee is there to facilitate the trade, to make it easier and to speed up the process.

But a transaction fee is also there to make a profit. Profit means making a profit from the market.Making a profit from the market is as simple as changing the price. All you need is a change in price and your profit will be made. With the spread between buying and selling prices being late as well as out of date, it is advisable to stay away from jumps that may arise from the market.

Once again, this is not a list of the most profitable trades, but the most profitable for a given risk profile. It is only the most profitable ones that are made with the most risk. It is only those who are bold enough to venture into the unknown that get profits. It is only then will they be able to boast about their success.

A bold move may involve a lot of risk, but if the risk is worth it, the return will be greater than the investment. The best advice I can give here is to go with the big banks. They are the smaller banks that have reduced their exposure to the currency markets, hence they can absorb more risk now. When the big banks merge with other financial institutions, the combined bank risk rises sharply.

This is because they are exposed to more capital.

The big banks provide a high leverage service to their clients in return for funding their balance sheets. This service costs them some spreads and other transaction costs, but at least they no longer have to lend to the poor and needy. Another service provided by big banks is Derwent and Forex trading services. These services provide up to 1,000 euro per day for a limited time only.

You can learn more about these services at the Derwent and Forex page. A list of top 10 most profitable currency trading services can be found at the beginning of this article.

Although this is a list of the most profitable currencies, it does not contain the least profitable ones. You will have to pay a few commission for each currency you trade.

A few of the most profitable currencies are EURO, USD, CAD, and CADBG.